Mark Bruce
Mark Bruce
  • Zwift Ranking 78.97 - 10th
  • 15 sec power 784 w
  • 1 min power 584 w
  • 5 min power 403 w
  • 20 min power 351 w
  • Hometown Bickley, just outside London, UK
  • Profession Global Head of Strategy and
  • Digital, Investment Banking
My Story

How you discovered Zwift

Started in the summer of 2020 following lockdown at the recommendation of a friend. I was running lots at the time, but picked up a stress fracture.  I haven’t run since as I got addicted.

Real life athletics background

National level swimmer until 15 and then started racing triathlon. Got placed on the UK performance squad at 18 and turned professional shortly after for around 7 years. Raced the under 23 world champs, a number of continental and World Cup races including the 2008 Olympics trials.  ‘Retired’ in 2009 as I simply could run quick enough to make it at the top level and started working in London. Since 2009, have jumped between cycling and running, mainly running with a 68min half marathon and a 2:27 marathon, but kept picking up injuries, so now a zwift record through and through as I can fit it around work.

I swam the English Channel a few years ago for charity, raising £35k. It was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had… cold, dark, strong tides and more jellyfish than any man should encounter. Respect to anyone doing that!!