Paul Lengermann
Paul Lengermann
  • Zwift Rank
  • 15 sec power 794 w
  • 1 min power 473 w
  • 5 min power 392 w
  • 20 min power 328 w
  • Hometown Washington, DC
  • Profession PhD economist; Assistant Director,
  • Federal Reserve Board
My Story

How you discovered Zwift

I’ve used Zwift for 5 years now and think I was actually turned onto it by Greg Abbott.  I don’t have kids but have a busy job, so Zwift is a really efficient way to get a solid workout.  Until recently I haven’t raced much on Zwift and primarily used it as a winter and/or bad weather training tool.  So I have a lot to learn about tactics and need to get my indoor power back on par with my outdoor power.  But I’m eager to learn and appreciate the opportunity.  I’ve long used Inside Ride rollers and was a beta tester for their smart rollers which worked great.  But the new model I have now hasn’t worked for me and doesn’t allow me to dual record.  However, I just acquired a Kickr this week and am hoping that it will help. 

Real life athletic background

I was a 225lb football player and wrestler in high school, that got out of shape and discovered road cycling in grad school, eventually slimming down to my current ~155lbs.  I’m a cat 1 on the road and TT specialist.  I’ve won the elite Mid Atlantic TT series 5 times, and was the MABRA TT champion in 2017 when I was also runner up for best all around rider.  I’ve also finished second twice in the TT at USAC Masters Nationals.  In 2020, in addition to Zwift, I’m hoping to race road outdoors if/when it returns, as well as some of the bigger US gravel races. 

By virtue of being the old guy, I either have been or am currently outdoor teammates with all the DC area guys (Greg A & Payne when I was on NCVC, and Scott and Nick at DT Racing.) It’s exciting to be reunited with all of them online.