Marcus Duval
Marcus Duval
Bike crash specialist
  • Zwift Ranking 108.42
  • 15 sec power 1091 w
  • 1 min power 657 w
  • 5 min power 436 w
  • 20 min power 359 w
  • Hometown Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Profession Podiatrist
My Story

How you discovered Zwift

My dad got me into zwift in 2018 as a way to work out with my busy schedule. He passed away and I signed up for an Ironman in his memory. Decided to train properly and stopped swimming so much. Cycling was almost exclusively with zwift (mostly racing) FTP went from 230 to 380. Covid hit and ironman was cancelled. Spent the last (covid) year getting into zwift racing. Kind of outgrew zwift racing with my tri team last season in ZRL so I started bothering Greg Abbott to join. Hoping to focus on zwift racing alone after (one?) more triathlons in September. Might try track cycling this fall.

Real life athletics Background

Decent D3 NCAA all american swimmer. Tried to get to olympic trials – real close in 200 LCM butterfly (2:04). Had some talent in open water but gave it up before starting medical school. Started cycling with my dad in 2010. No racing, just biking around when I was home from college. Did some triathlons with him but never trained seriously. Swam a 44:07 swim in an ironman (still a course record). Rest of the race was pretty slow, but I got a free wetsuit!

I grew up moving around alot: born in Swansea, Wales, spent my childhood in London, Brussels, DC, and Minneapolis MN. Now I live in the Philly burbs with my wife.

Cycling (Triathlon) Achievements
  • 2012,13 & 14
    Qualified in Swimming D3 NCAA Qualifier
  • 2015
    Set the 10 mile Course Record in Masters open water national champion 10 mile
  • 2021
    Overall Win (Bike Course Record) in Laurel lake triathlon
  • 2021
    Bike and Overall Course Record in Medford Lakes triathlon
  • 2021
    Overall Win (Bike and Overall Course Record) in French creek triathlon
  • 2021
    AC 8th overall in Ironman 70.3