Jamie Morris
Jamie Morris
aka Baguette Boy
  • Zwift Ranking 112.09
  • 15 sec power 1002 w
  • 1 min power 668 w IRL / 570 w Zwift
  • 5 min power 440 w IRL / 426 w Zwift
  • 20 min power 382 w IRL / 358 w Zwift
  • Hometown Caylus, France
  • Profession Studying in sports nutrition
My Story

How did you discover Zwift

One word: LOCKDOWN, I couldn’t ride my bike outside so I just raced a load on zwift then once back racing I crashed a load making Zwift my primary sport.

Real life athletics background

I used to play football with my local team and road my bike to training and ended up liking the ride there more then playing. Currently race at dn1 level in France.

I like pineapple on pizza, and I listen to Cardi B to get me pumped to ride hard.