Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott
aka GetZwifty
  • Zwift Ranking 127.06
  • 15 sec power 1156 w
  • 1 min power 610 w
  • 5 min power 385 w
  • 20 min power 333 w
  • Hometown Washington, D.C.
  • Profession Government Relations Officer
  • at the Smithsonian Institution
My Story

How you discovered Zwift

Kind of a long story. I was a Zwift beta tester, but shortly before the platform went live I was abruptly unable to ride after surgeries to correct a heart defect, and then another for a hip condition. Fast forward a few years and I was a gym rat who rode occasionally. When the pandemic hit, another meme account organized a meme-makers race up alp du zwift, so I decided to give it a try. Watopia had changed a lot since I last visited. I found the zwift races scratched my competitive itch and gave me something to channel energy into while stuck at home.

Real life athletics background

My dad got me into cycling at a young age. I began racing as a junior in 1995. I played other sports in high school, but cycling was always the priority.  I’m a USAC Category 1 in several riding disciplines. Since giving up IRL racing, I took up crossfit as a way to address some strength imbalances and got pretty decent at it. Bikes are still my first love though, and I’m a huge bike gear geek and racing fan boy.

I won the inaugural Rapha world-wide Club Championships series on Zwift, but the announcers miscalled the finish on the livestream. They sent me a one-of-a-kind champions jersey for the win.