Giancarlo Bianci
Giancarlo Bianci
An all-rounder with a speciality in eating pizza!
  • Zwift Ranking 600
  • Hometown Boulder, CO
My Story

Father, husband, lover of all things food and wine. I work at wahoo fitness and run a small business selling parody water bottles ( I’ve been racing for over 20 years and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.


I consider myself to be a powerful and aggressive type of “all-rounder”. My strengths include: time-trialing, aggressive attacking and power-climbing. I have raced in several roles within a team from domestique to GC rider. I thrive off of strong efforts to work with my teammates and execute our race plans. I love the sport of cycling more than anything and would like the opportunity to help your team succeed.

How you discovered Zwift

I was introduced to Zwift via Greg, aka Getzwifty!

Real life athletics background

I started racing as a junior and haven’t looked back. Through the years I’ve continued to mature on the bike by gaining race experience outside of my comfort zone. Moving to Colorado has definitely been one of my greatest challenges. It took a lot of work, dedication and support from my friends and family to get to this point and I’m seizing the moment.

I am co-owner of watrbodl, LLC (IG: @Watrbodl)

Cycling Achievements
  • 2021
    2nd - Men 35-44 -6th Overall in Golden Gran Fondo
  • 2021
    3rd - TT National Championships, 6th - RR National Championships, 6th - Crit National Championships in Masters National Championships
  • 2021
    6 podiums and 6 top 10 results in Multiple races
  • 2020
    2nd - Six Gap Century, 2nd - CSP Crit #5 and 8th - Colorado State Crit in Multiple races
  • 2019
    2nd - Stage 1 Mogollon RR, 6nd - Stage 2 Inner Loop RR, 8th - Stage 3 Time Trial, 5th Overall GC in Tour of Gila
  • 2019
    6th - TT, 2nd - RR, 3rd - Crit, 2nd - Best All-Around Rider in Masters National Championships
  • 2019
    3 x podiums, 10 x top 10 results in 13 races
  • 2018
    2nd - Stage 2 Inner Loop RR, 8th - Stage 3 Time Trial, 3rd - Stage 4 Criterium, 10th - Stage 5, 9th Overall GC in Tour of Gila
  • 2018
    2 x podiums, 7 x top 8 results in 9 races
  • 2017
    1 x podium, 16 x top 10 places, 1 x 25th place in 18 races, including Boulder Stage Race, Tour of Gila & Superior Morgul Omnium
  • 2016
    6 x podiums, 11 x top 10 results in 17 races, including Tour del Sol Stage Race, Tour of Gila & Superior Morgul Omnium
  • 2015
    3 x podiums, 7 x top 11 results in 10 races, including Tour of Gila
  • 2014
    7 x podiums, 7 x top 10 results in 14 races including the Rosewood Race Series
  • 2013
    10 podiums in 10 races