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We believe that happy racers win races.

NeXT eSport pb Enshored is the top esport cycling team in the world. The team was launched in Summer of 2021 when the NeXT eSport and Enshored pb PedalPower men’s esport teams combined forces with the aim of becoming Zwift Racing League Premier Division Champions. That goal was achieved in Round 1 of the 2021/22 ZRL season with an undefeated season. NeXT pb Enshored is also highly active in the broader esport community, fielding teams in community events and on multiple virtual cycling platforms.

The results only tell part of the story. The journey to the top of the leaderboard is really a story of people coming together as people all over the world were forced to stay apart. As the global pandemic hit in 2020, esport cycling experienced an explosion in new racers finding the sport. Eventually those racers started to find each other. 

NeXT eSport was founded by riders who found esport racing in the pandemic and built a community around it. The team earned its way into the Zwift Premier Division in its first season. Enshored pb Pedal Power was an established esport racing team before the pandemic, but also grew with the flood of new racers stemming from the pandemic brought new talent and motivation to the team.

Both teams competed in the final round of the 2020/21 Premier League season, and riders got to know each other through competition. As the season ended it was clear that both teams shared a long-term vision for racing at the highest level of esport, fostering community within a team, and growing the sport for everyone.

Coming together as NeXT pb Enshored, the team had all the tools needed to be a top contender. What sets us apart was a sense of camaraderie, selflessness, and shared purpose. The team sees eSport as a unique discipline in cycling, embraces a dual identity as gamers and athletes, and is always ready for whatever comes NeXT.